Thursday, March 3, 2011

Triple threat workout...Fail!

I posted a full distance goal (in segments) on facebook for Monday.  (if you post it, you have to do it right?) So I was prepared to do an 800 meeter swim, 5K run, and 1 Hour bike (I teach spin on Monday...) Here's how it actually went:

Monday started off awesome!!!  Kids were out of school, got to sleep in (slightly) before I went to the gym for my swim.  Swim went great!  Felt great in the water!  Form: getting better,  endurance: a little better, but not there yet... but the main thing is I think I am getting more efficient with my stroke!   I churned out about 1100 meters (with small rests and switch ups), but I DID it.  I train with a very hard-core bunch on Mondays and Fridays (read: super-humans), but my friend Coco (the one that dragged me into this) and I have hired a tri-swimming coach and we are starting some serious workouts next Friday. So swim... check!

Next I was planning to go home to run a 5 K at the park near my house.  Well, that never happened.  My mistake was calling the kids on the way home to see if they needed anything....  Braden:  "can you stop at the grocery store and get some lunchables for this week?  I don't like what they are having on Wednesday and Thursday at school.... Tanner:  "I'm STARVING!! Could you get us some KFC on the way home ?" (at this point I am having that post-swim hunger, and NOTHING sounds better than KFC potato wedges, so I give into their demands.  After all, I need to get some carbs in for my run right?)

I get home and get kids fed (and sneak a few potato wedges in between my powerbar and half a banana). Ready to run..., gathering Garmin, water bottle, etc. When... husband calls (love him to pieces btw) but CRAP! Now I need to do some banking stuff and try to figure out why his printer isn't working because he needs to print something and fax it to some company asap. Add to that some Spring Break planning and before you know it... running time is shot because now I have to start planning my cycle class for tonight and finish laundry. Yikes!!!

Finished playlist just in time, went to gym exhausted....  taught a great spin class... guess the run will happen later this week....

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