Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Open Water Swim *ACTUAL* and redemption workout today...

If you read my last post, you got an idea of how my weekend was "supposed" to go.  Here in Vegas, by the way, we have had an early Spring with warm temps and pretty much AWESOME weather.  Until this weekend, when a front moved in...

So I was expecting this: (beach start, clear-sunny-fun-ness!) Spitting turtles too!

Instead I got THIS!
Ambient temperature about 54, wind gusts 20-40 mph. Water temperature about 56.  Completely overcast, so you don't have that pretty sun making you *think* you are warmer than you feel.  I know you tri-geeks out there have "been there/done that", but cut me a break!!!  

This was my first experience!! I sooo wanted to go back to my warm hotel room.  But I PAID for this experience!!! 

I  met my friend, Coco (who got me into this in the first place) my descent into madness...  I digress... but anyway, flash forward to Coco and I on the beach.... conversation went like this:   Me: "are we really going to do this?" 

Coco: ("Puerto Rican curse words spoken freely........  and in English:  the key words: " I can't do this, my feet are too cold,")  to which I said, "Hey, we can skip it and do it another time"

Forget Mexican stand off,  it was now Puerto Rican standoff:

(which I guess means if the gringa says "no, we can skip it",  then we HAVE to do it!)  So, next thing I know, she is waist deep in the water, which silently means "I have to go too"!

CRAP SANDWICH!!!  I really didn't want to get into the water, but I did it anyway.....  

**Okay, it's an unspoken secret that if you are getting into cold water in a wetsuit, you should "pee in your wetsuit" to warm it up.  (I heard this in scuba training too, so I know it is not a prank)  But, thing is, I am sooooo cold, I can't concentrate enough to do it!  All I know is that I am F*****n cold, and wet (which btw, are my two LEAST favorite sensations!)  Now we just have to get going on the swim.  It's a warm-up 400, and then the race simulation.  We start...  forget technique, we (me) are just SURVIVING!  Some freestyle, (without my head in the water because everyone just peed to make their wetsuits warm) some breast stroke, back stroke, dog- paddle.....back to free-style (should be pee-free by now).... back to breast  stroke, side stroke, then all out "get to the end as fast as I can" stroke!!   

Statistics:  Warm- up done:     Kerri....Done, and heading to the jacuzzi of shame!!!  Coco, my hero... back for another round of torture....  

To be continued....

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  1. I give you props for jumping into that water! That surely is a certifiable "crazy workout."