Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!!!! (well, fingers crossed...)

I think my cold has finally subsided (after almost 4 weeks)!  I have kept my training going as much as I can.... just holding my own until I felt good enough to "go for it!"  That breakthrough happened Sunday!!!  

Yay success!!!

I taught a 60 minute spin class and then jumped on the treadmill for what I call:  "insert dramatic music here" dueling goals!

It goes like this:  I write down 4 miles as goal. ( if you were paying attention to my previous blog, you know I like to undershoot and over-achieve)  so real goal is 5.  I also have a history of training for a half-marathon that went like this:  the whole event is going to take about 2 hours give or take, and running 2 hours is boring, so I will cross-train two hours.

AND, not unlike my half-marathon mind talk, the workout inner dialogue went like this:  Okay, the LEAST amount of work I have to do today is 3.2 miles....  well that feels pretty good and my goal is 4, but hey I think I can tackle 5!  At about mile 4.5, I thought, screw it,  let's go for my old training routine of 1 hour on the treadmill after 1 hour on the bike! And I DID it!

I know I need to get outside and run this week, and get biking.  The weather has gotten nicer here in Vegas, so no excuses!

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