Friday, March 11, 2011

6 minutes

One of my favorite ride profiles tonight!!!

 Tough, but exciting from beginning to end!!!  It is an "Out and Back" ride with TEN "6 minute" blocks (give or take). I have 3 versions of playlists, but this is the one I used tonight because my husband requested rock!

Breakdown:   6-8 minute warmup (kinda depends on how many Tabata intervals we do.  Tonight we did 10, so my warm up was about 7 minutes)
                      4-6 minute Tabata:  20 sec @ 95% MHR/ 10 sec. recovery x 8, 10, or 12 ( I have a timer on my iPad so I will set it to do 8:(4 min) 10:(5 min) or 12:(6 min)  Last night I did 10 to "Shoot to Thrill" add a little recovery at the end, to equal the 6 min. ( If you go the full 6 min. Tabata, use the first part of the next sequence for recovery...)
                       6 min moderate to hard: 3 min moderate, then 3 min hard.  (In this playlist, my first song was 2:18, so I used that as moderate, and the next song 3:58 as hard, with about a 30 second recovery at the end.
                       6 minute "Modified Tabata",  1 min HARD/ 30 sec. recovery x4: The next two songs total about 6:50 in time, so you can use the first 45-50 seconds to get ready, then "go for it" for 1 minute, and back down for 30 seconds x 4.
                       6 minute hill climb: This is the kinda "half-way mark". Depending on your class, you can either leave it to them to push as hard as they can to the top, coach it as a hill climb, or stay in active recovery and focus on the trip back, in which we repeat the sequence.
                       2 minute recovery:   1 minute downhill, 1 min. flat.
                       6 minute "Modified Tabata" Same as above
                       6 minute moderate to hard: Same as above
                       6 minute Tabata: same as above
                       6 minute cool down: or use some of the left over Tabata time too!

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing / Chris Isaak
Country Song / Seether
Shoot to Thrill / AC/DC *not available on iTunes
Molly's Chambers / Kings of Leon
Lies of the Beautiful People / Sixx: A.M.
Get Some / Lykki Li
Next to You / Buckcherry
The Catalyst / Linkin Park
A-Punk / Vampire Weekend
Machine Gun Blues / Social Distortion
She Builds Quick Machines / Velvet Revolver
Well Thought Out Twinkles / Silversun Pickups
Bleed it out / Linkin Park
Whole Lotta Rosie / AC/DC *not available on iTunes
Simple Man (acoustic version) / Shinedown
Into the Mystic / Van Morrison

Hope it makes sense!  Comment or email with any questions!!!  I mixed some in "Mixmeister" to make it a continuous 6 minutes.... I think it makes it easier to follow.



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