Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back in the saddle again....

Week so far...

Last post was sort of a cheat... I wrote it but it was incomplete and I turned it in for partial credit...

THIS WEEK (ta da da) (okay, just imagine the dramatic introduction...) I started logging my workouts in the official "The Triathlete's Training Diary, by Joe Friel"  Yay!!!  Here's how it works:  You write your weekly plan, then you put in what you "REALLY" do.  I like undershooting, so when I do more, I feel really proud of myself :)!  It all worked pretty well until today.  Ummm... today I had some intestinal upset (read:  the dreaded "Starts with D and ends with arrea".  Run, definitely out (since I'm doing that already), butttttt (yeah, pun intended) I planned an AWESOME cycle class for tonight!!! (and I needed to get my daily training in)  So what does an IronGirl do?  She just takes some immodium and ignores the problem!! After all, the show must go on, right?

So tonight's class went as follows:  Feeling good, selling the concept..."We've got a great show tonight ladies and gentlemen"... no wait.. that's the "Saturday Night Live" intro my brain is going into because it is trying to divert the attention from my digestive system that is not "on task" tonight.  Seriously though, I did have an amazing class planned for tonight.  It was going as planned except for:  my iPod playlist happened to skip a few key songs..... no problem, I have a geeky musical brain that can improvise with my lightning fast fingers to find a song (of the 4 thousand that I have on my 160GB classic iPod) to make it seamless.  Seriously, I am THAT big of a music dork!  Problem one solved!!!  Yessssss!(Quote from Napoleon Dynamite)

Problem #2:  (LITERALLY):  20 minutes into class.... you know that feeling,  yeah, THAT feeling.  Okay if you are at home, but NOT okay when you are teaching a cycling class.

Skip forward (because I don't want to be categorized with those "TMI" friends)  I successfully managed the situation.  We had a great class!  I explained that I  wasn't feeling well so I was holding back a little so I could focus on my class a little more (and THAT'S putting an ultimate SPIN on SPIN instruction my friends)  LOL!!!  Kidding aside,  we all have those days that we are not "on our game" so to speak.  The biggest challenge is keeping the motivation alive and doing our job!  On the flip side, we need to be cognizant of others in our class that may be getting over an illness or possibly overtraining.  If someone is not pushing as hard as you think they can, try to nudge them, but be understanding if they don't.

You just never know....

"I get by with a little help from my friends..."

Okay, My name is Kerri, and it has been 7 days since my last post....

Today was a rest (read depression) day for me. Had to channel my inner Domestic Goddess to get the house clean and laundry done.

 My week has been so-so...  Felt Awesome Sunday, (taught a great cycle class, then ran 4 miles in the afternoon). Not so good Monday... swim, tired, and no motivation, spin class, motivated, but not in it to win it.  Tuesday, great interval cycle class that kicked ass ( and, if  Wednesday ( I attended Victor's spin class at 24 hr),  stressed Thursday ( kid's cycle and preparing Cycle Cinema, always alot of work) stayed up way too late and drank waay too  much wine, which leads to today.  Too tired to do my long swim day.  It's cold outside and it's going to get worse this weekend...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Breaking News

This is the person responsible for my descent into madness.  Note the date.  Talked into a Las Vegas Tri-club meeting with the promise of cheap wine and free food.  My life will never be the same.

Friday, February 11, 2011

But I don't want to "Listen to my body"

Today was supposed to be a "long swim day".  Instead, it is 2:30 pm, I'm still in my pajamas and in bed, contemplating a nap despite the fact I slept until noon.  Yes, I really don't want to "listen to my body", but I think it won today.  In fact, I think it is punishing me for not listening to it when it requested a rest and recovery on Tuesday, but I didn't listen.

Auuugghhh!!!  A year ago, I would have cherished a day like today.  House was cleaned yesterday, husband is out of town, no classes to teach.... but today I am just thinking about the training that I am missing.  Ever since I took the leap and signed up for the IronGirl, I have been obsessed with staying ahead of my training schedule.  Unfortunately, by body is not following my schedule very well.

It all started Tuesday morning when I woke up with my throat on fire.  I gargled some salt water grabbed some Halls throat lozenges, and went on with my day, running the kids to school, teaching a noon spin class, picking up the kids, teaching a 5:00 kid's spin class, and all the nighttime dinner/homework/etc..

Wednesday, woke up with throat feeling much worse, achy feeling, stuffy head, even a little nauseated.  No worries though, Wednesdays are my "rest" days. I told myself, okay,  this is my "One" day to be sick, then I will get over it and start again tomorrow.

Thursday,  up early to get my kids to school and husband to the airport for his hunting trip. (luckily he is a doctor)  My throat feels like raw hamburger and now my lymph nodes in my neck are swollen and sore.  I mention to husband, aka: Chuck, that I *might* need some antibiotics.  He checks my symptoms and concurs.  I pick up my prescription, take one pill, but I still feel like I need to do my run and teach my spin class, despite my sore throat.  (I'm on the road to recovery right).  I did the best I could to reach 2 miles (after doing 5 last week)  I taught a great class, but was ready to crash afterwards, and then, well today is totally shot.

Point is,  as much as we hate to, we have to "listen to our bodies".  After all, they will always win the battle....(much like a spoiled brat).  We can convince our mind that we are okay, but the body needs what it needs.... and sometimes it is rest.  I surrendered today, and I hope my body will give me the power to train tomorrow.

DISCOVER YOUR INNER STRENGTH, BUT LISTEN TO YOUR WEAKNESS. It will make you stronger in the long run...

Party on!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today's Ride: River Mountain Trail Loop

Today's ride was the  River Mountain Trail Loop!  Click on the link if you want more details on the route.
The actual ride took about 3 hours for the novice road bike rider (ME), but I tried to condense the experience to 60 minutes.  We started from the parking lot (about mile 12 on the map) right before the North entrance to Lake Mead.

Playlist as follows:

Just a Ride / Jem
Flathead / The Fratellis
Where the Streets have no Name (Live from Rotterdam)/U2
Weapon of Choice / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Machine Gun Blues / Social Distortion
Never Look Back/ Graffiti 6
Spotlight / Mute Math
No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature / The Guess Who
Witchcraft / Pendulum
Electrify / Mute Math
Jingo / Santana
Into the Mystic / Van Morrison
Long Day / Matchbox Twenty

Songs in black are available in iTunes
The ones in red are not available in iTunes, but I have linked them
You can follow me on Ping in iTunes to get all my music!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011


No really, that's my goal.  It's in my head right now, literally.  You just have to come to class or wait for the post.  Hint....  it is based on my A-kicking on Friday.  Songs are churning, beats, intervals, hills.... but Totally DO-ABLE!  I want you to come to class with optimism, energy, and options!!!  My goal is for
a] FUN
 b] pushing you a little (or a lot) further than you would do on your own
c] Trying something out of your comfort zone, like a race?



Friday, February 4, 2011

Royal Ass-kicking today!

Okay, today started out with the thought:  "Hey! Fun training ride with Kevin!!!  Hour, maybe 90 minutes along Lake Mead"....  add to the equation, 3 hours (probably my inexperience), 35 miles (umm... not knowing the trail ahead of time) and only my second time on a REAL bike, ( sorry K, and thanks for babysitting me)....  Well.... it's kind of a mixed emotion.  On one hand,  "Holy Crap!!!"  "I  just did that!!!" and "Wow", even though I feel like shit, I kind of want to do it again, but only better next time (and please don't let the wind blow so hard on the 2nd half)".

I am going to bed knowing I can complete almost 3 times the distance of my first race, which is a super ego boost!!!  Run: no problem, Bike: no problem, Swim: still a challenge....  gotta work on that!

I guess I can start again on Wednesday....

Train Strong, and believe in yourself!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Artwork interruption...

Okay, I couldn't resist.....

My friend, tattoo artist, ( and now training buddy), has been in Vegas this week because he came to scope out the terrain for his St. George IronMan race in May.  Soooo.... I got some more ink yesterday.  I will post a pic later, but it is AWESOME!!  Technically not a "new tattoo", but a touch-up and addition to my dragon on my back.  As a result, I can't swim for 5 days.  (but as a bonus, I got some great training advice during the 2 hour torture session)!

To make up for lost time, we are going on a long training ride tomorrow, so I will just focus on bike/run this weekend.

Also, I am sooo excited to add a "Warrior Dash" race to my agenda on March 20th in my home town of Houston, Tx.  I'm racing with my sister, so it should be a blast!  Check it out: It will compliment my 5k training for the IronGirl on April 30. (

My goal is to do an olympic distance this year, possibly with PumpkinMan in the fall.  I'm feeling good with my runs, need to do more on road biking, but the swimming is still a challenge.  Chuck bought me some great training videos, and I may invest in a swim coach.  11 weeks from Saturday.... yikes!!!

In the mean time, keep pushing, keep training, and above all, KEEP HAVING FUN!

All the best!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Playlist 2/1/11

This playlist is from the noon class I taught on Tuesday.  The playlist is available in iTunes.  Go to Ping, and type in Kerri Fleisher to see my playlists!

Barton Hollow / The Civil Wars (free on itunes!)
Armada Latina (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) / Cypress Hill
The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage / Panic at the Disco
Seven Nation Army / The White Stripes
Radioactive / Kings of Leon
E-Pro / Beck
Is She Really Going Out With Him? / Gold Finger
Dog Days are Over / Florence + The Machine
Save Yourself / Stabbing Westward
Weapon of Choice / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
A-Punk / Vampire Weekend
Fader / The Temper Trap
Since U Been Gone / A Day to Remember
The Cave / Mumford and Sons
Pretty Vegas / INXS
Break on Through / The Doors
Salesman at the Day of the Parade / Rogue Wave
Hope / Rush

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's in a Name?

Okay, I know that the title, The Cat's Pajamas, might be a head scratcher, but let me explain.

Hi, I'm Kerri, and welcome to my blog......

I am a music-obsessed indoor cycling instructor in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I am training for my first Triathlon.  (more on that later)  I wanted to share my journey from a "somewhat physically active" small business owner with my husband, (who luckily has an awesome full time job as backup), to losing the business, going crazy as a mother of two and housewife, and then "finding myself" through fitness!!

Okay, back to the name.  If you click on the little blue link above, you will get the "Urban Dictionary" version of the meaning.  Go ahead, click on it, I'll give you some time...

I didn't come up with this title on my own, mind you, it was something that my dad used to say when my sister and I did something cool. (we thought it was really funny) Until now, I thought it was something he made up. Today I found out it was a real quote from the 1920's!

Also, I have 2 hairless cats.  I haven't gotten them pajamas (yet), but they do have sweaters and jackets for the winter!

My objective for this rambling?  Well, I want to document my struggles with my 12 weeks leading up to this triathlon so maybe someone who is contemplating one will know what to expect. Also, if you take my cycle classes I can use this forum to post my playlists and a little information about training objectives because I love teaching what I am learning, and I love learning from those I teach!!!

Be the best YOU that you can be!