Thursday, February 3, 2011

Artwork interruption...

Okay, I couldn't resist.....

My friend, tattoo artist, ( and now training buddy), has been in Vegas this week because he came to scope out the terrain for his St. George IronMan race in May.  Soooo.... I got some more ink yesterday.  I will post a pic later, but it is AWESOME!!  Technically not a "new tattoo", but a touch-up and addition to my dragon on my back.  As a result, I can't swim for 5 days.  (but as a bonus, I got some great training advice during the 2 hour torture session)!

To make up for lost time, we are going on a long training ride tomorrow, so I will just focus on bike/run this weekend.

Also, I am sooo excited to add a "Warrior Dash" race to my agenda on March 20th in my home town of Houston, Tx.  I'm racing with my sister, so it should be a blast!  Check it out: It will compliment my 5k training for the IronGirl on April 30. (

My goal is to do an olympic distance this year, possibly with PumpkinMan in the fall.  I'm feeling good with my runs, need to do more on road biking, but the swimming is still a challenge.  Chuck bought me some great training videos, and I may invest in a swim coach.  11 weeks from Saturday.... yikes!!!

In the mean time, keep pushing, keep training, and above all, KEEP HAVING FUN!

All the best!!


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