Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's in a Name?

Okay, I know that the title, The Cat's Pajamas, might be a head scratcher, but let me explain.

Hi, I'm Kerri, and welcome to my blog......

I am a music-obsessed indoor cycling instructor in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I am training for my first Triathlon.  (more on that later)  I wanted to share my journey from a "somewhat physically active" small business owner with my husband, (who luckily has an awesome full time job as backup), to losing the business, going crazy as a mother of two and housewife, and then "finding myself" through fitness!!

Okay, back to the name.  If you click on the little blue link above, you will get the "Urban Dictionary" version of the meaning.  Go ahead, click on it, I'll give you some time...

I didn't come up with this title on my own, mind you, it was something that my dad used to say when my sister and I did something cool. (we thought it was really funny) Until now, I thought it was something he made up. Today I found out it was a real quote from the 1920's!

Also, I have 2 hairless cats.  I haven't gotten them pajamas (yet), but they do have sweaters and jackets for the winter!

My objective for this rambling?  Well, I want to document my struggles with my 12 weeks leading up to this triathlon so maybe someone who is contemplating one will know what to expect. Also, if you take my cycle classes I can use this forum to post my playlists and a little information about training objectives because I love teaching what I am learning, and I love learning from those I teach!!!

Be the best YOU that you can be!


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