Friday, February 4, 2011

Royal Ass-kicking today!

Okay, today started out with the thought:  "Hey! Fun training ride with Kevin!!!  Hour, maybe 90 minutes along Lake Mead"....  add to the equation, 3 hours (probably my inexperience), 35 miles (umm... not knowing the trail ahead of time) and only my second time on a REAL bike, ( sorry K, and thanks for babysitting me)....  Well.... it's kind of a mixed emotion.  On one hand,  "Holy Crap!!!"  "I  just did that!!!" and "Wow", even though I feel like shit, I kind of want to do it again, but only better next time (and please don't let the wind blow so hard on the 2nd half)".

I am going to bed knowing I can complete almost 3 times the distance of my first race, which is a super ego boost!!!  Run: no problem, Bike: no problem, Swim: still a challenge....  gotta work on that!

I guess I can start again on Wednesday....

Train Strong, and believe in yourself!!


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