Monday, March 21, 2011

Open water swim nightmare and plans to redeem myself tomorrow...

Okay, I was totally jazzed to do my "very first" open water swim this past Saturday!!!  Friday's weather was a little windy, but sunny and warm.  I was even making a whole weekend out of it, by staying at the hotel that is hosting "IronGirl"!!!

This is how I felt:

Coco looked worried:

Plan was as follows:
  * Drop off young child at in-law's, then proceed to hotel for gourmet meal, wine, and nice night in with  hubby.
  * Get up at a leisurely 8:00 am, for coffee and powerbar, registration at 8:30.
  * Nice swim practice with my friend Coco in Lake Las Vegas... both of us kicking ass and taking names!
  * Long shower to wash off the "lake goo" and then a nice lounge by the pool (with cocktails of course)!
  * Hubby was supposed to go fishing with a friend, so "total girl day"!!  Meet up with hubs for dinner Saturday night, then well, who knows?
   *  Sunday, get up and ride the course,  maybe some spa time for both of us...  Perfect weekend right?

Perfect Weekend,  TOTAL FAIL!!!!

To be continued....

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