Sunday, May 1, 2011

The missing posts...Part 1

Disclaimer:  This is the first in a series of posts that I started but didn't finish....  I got busy with training in the last 3 weeks before my race, and I hate to let these just fall by the wayside since I put effort into them in the first place....

Okay, I will say right now that I am too tired to write.  I am even too tired to drink my normal  *bottle* of wine tonight...(don't judge!) I made it through something that looked like dinner, kid's homework, creating kid's WWE costume (he has to dress like a character in one of his favorite books, and I'm thinking, wth is he reading, and why don't I know this?)
Anyway, THIS was his character...  Yeah, kind of hard to create the night before....  I blame it on dad creating an outdoor WWE ring in the backyard last weekend when Braden had a sleep-over.  What is it with 8-10 year olds and wrestling?

 I finally got time for a shower, and last night's American Idol (again, don't judge!!!  I *heart* American Idol.)  I have started teaching indoor cycling at an AWESOME new place, called PULSE! It's a hip new "stand alone" cycling studio in the 'burbs of Las Vegas.  The great thing is I love the intimacy, the challenge is that I teach 2 classes there, and then I have my busy days at Club Sport, doing both kid and adult cycle classes.  From an endurance standpoint, this is great training for IronGirl just 3 weeks away!  The downside is that I am too tired to run or swim the next day.  (not to mention catching up on my reality TV that night.... sigh...)

Need to go to to bed, but I feel like I have to document the training thus far, just to have something to look back on when it's done.   Right now my "ideal" week is:

 Monday:  swimming or run in AM, Club Sport Studio Cycle At 5:30-6:30

Tuesday: Pulse Express class 9:30-10:00, Pulse Ride 10:00-11:00,  Club Sport Studio Cycle + Abs: 12:00-1:15,  Club Sport Kids Ride:  5:00-5:45. Resistance training 6:00-7:00

Wednesday:  Swim (and maybe run)

Thursday:  Pulse Express class 9:30-10:00, Pulse Ride 10:00-11:00,  Club Sport Studio Cycle + Abs: 12:00-1:15,  Club Sport Kids Ride:  4:30-5:15,  Club Sport Studio Cycle 5:30-6:30

Friday:  Swim

Saturday:  Club Sport Kids Ride: 9:00-10:00,  Swim after

Sunday:  Rest

*Most* of the time, things go to plan.  I know I have Spring Break coming up, so I am worried about the break in training....  Oh well....

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  1. I would quite agree. That's a lot of cycling! But you are right. You'll be well prepared for the bike portion of IronGirl!